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The Opposite of Pandora’s Box January 12, 2009

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Wow. I stumbled across this gem when I was looking for recipes. It has an incredible wealth of links with ways to enhance your life that are both creative and FREE. Just a sampling of my favorites:

  1. Use your iPod for inner-city travel: download subway maps for major cities across the world
  2. Download free audiobooks: stop packing books for those long trips
  3. Learn a language free: tune in to podcasts or download lessons. Supplement with an online speaking partner.
  4. Washington Travel: weekly walking tour
  5. Load YouTube videos onto your iPod
  6. 80 Educational Video collections
  7. Get motivated (yeah, it’s fluffy)
  8. Rethink getting a job (EVER!)
  9. Discover a life-changing book: great list of books and why to read them
  10. Hear what could change everything: answers to this question by the greatest minds around

And so I guess I should be off to bed. Almost a quarter to 3am after. But I leave you with this:
Listen to famous poets reading their own work


1. Filipino Bambino's mama - January 20, 2009

Hey cousin friend!! I found this when I saw there was a new link to my blog. Yay!! I can’t wait to keep up with you on your DC adventures this semester.

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